Our garment folding and bagging service is a value-adding offering provided by us. This service is especially useful for businesses or brands that want to enhance the professionalism of their products, improve the customer experience, and save time on the packaging process.

1. Folding: Garments are neatly folded according to ensure a uniform and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Proper folding minimizes wrinkles and creases in the fabric, making the items look their best when they reach the customer.

2. Quality Control: Each item is inspected for any defects or irregularities before folding and packaging. This step ensures that only high-quality products are sent to customers.

3. Bagging: After folding, garments are placed in poly bags. The bags protect the clothing from dust, moisture, and other potential contaminants during storage and transit.

4. Sizing and Labeling: Garments are often sized and labeled within the bag, making it easy for customers to identify the correct size and style. Labels can also include important care instructions.

Overall, a garment folding and bagging service can be a valuable solution for businesses or brands looking to enhance the presentation of their clothing products and streamline their logistics processes. It contributes to a positive customer experience and can help improve brand loyalty.

Please note that we have a minimum order of 24 pieces for Bagging.